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Reunions and cousins

We had a full Memorial Day weekend. For me, the weekend started on Thursday when I drove to Princeton for my 15th reunion. Princeton's Reunions culture is unique to the university and it is, um, special. You can go back for your 2nd or 37th reunion and there will be people there from your class. The "majors" (every 5 years) routinely draw close to 50 percent of the… read more »

My 8784 hours, day by day

Having children causes many lifestyle changes, but I think one of the toughest for people is that it becomes harder to make up sleep on the weekends. We all like to stay up a little later on weekends because hey, we don't have to be up for anything in the morning! And yet little kids are still likely to be up early because they just are. You can trade off with your part… read more »

My morning routine (toddler version)

Mornings are a great time for getting things done. However, if you've got little ones around, especially those who wake unpredictably, mornings are going to look a little different than they will in different phases of life. I know that my mornings (and weekends!) will have an entirely different vibe in 18 months when the little dude is coming up on 3 years. I a… read more »

The assignment and the follow-up

One of the highlights of third grade at my kids' school is something called "The Wax Museum." The children each choose a historical (or current) famous figure, and research the person's life. Over the course of several months, the kids do multiple assignments, culminating in the construction of a timeline. They display this timeline at the school while dre… read more »

NYC recap

I spent Thursday-Saturday in NYC this past week. My "anchor event" was the American Society of Journalists and Authors conference, where I delivered the welcome keynote on Friday. I have gone to this conference most years since (I think) 2005, so it was an honor to be asked to speak. I am getting to know the Roosevelt Hotel quite well. I had not, however, been up… read more »