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To Daycare On Time – Working Mother Sticky Situations Videos

Back in April, I recorded several videos with Working Mother magazine about “sticky situations” working parents face. I’m happy to be able to share them here over the next few weeks! This week’s sticky situation looks at a common childcare issue. Daycare closes when it closes, but you’re not always done with work then. So what do you do? Here are my… read more »

The impossibility of a stress-free life

This has been a long week. My husband was in Nigeria. The baby has been sleeping poorly and, oddly enough, I have been too. The kids are just bored, which means there’s either screen time or fighting. Work has involved the feeling of spinning my wheels on a few things, which is frustrating since I simultaneously feel like there’s a lot I need to do. I think the… read more »

Guilt: my least favorite interview question

As I’ve done interviews about I Know How She Does It, I get asked a lot about guilt. I have worked out an answer because that is what authors do, but fundamentally, I find this question hard to answer because I’m not sure why it is a question. Guilt is an emotion that stems from our being social animals. It’s quite useful from that perspective. If you have hur… read more »

Those summer nights (and herding all four)

No one has had camp now for several weeks, so we have settled into the lazy part of summer. This has meant a fair amount of Kindle time. There’s nothing wrong with screens, but all things in moderation. Tonight I decided the kids had had enough. After dinner I herded them over to a local playground. They had a great time. The boys found some other little boys and c… read more »

6 weekend hours without the kids

I had the kids solo Friday and Sunday, so Saturday was my husband’s turn to take them, at least in my mind. I’m not sure he would have automatically done this. But I have no desire to participate in the martyrdom Olympics, so rather than drop hints I asked him to get them out of the house. He did. The minivan pulled out of the driveway at 10:30 a.m., and I calculat… read more »