Those summer nights (and herding all four)

photo-388No one has had camp now for several weeks, so we have settled into the lazy part of summer. This has meant a fair amount of Kindle time. There’s nothing wrong with screens, but all things in moderation. Tonight I decided the kids had had enough. After dinner I herded them over to a local playground.

They had a great time. The boys found some other little boys and chased each other all over the place in an elaborate game that involved doing Survivor-style challenges on the equipment. My daughter insinuated herself into a gaggle of slightly older girls. This required persistence. There are many skills to be learned on the playground.

As for me, the heat of the day had broken so I stood there pushing the baby in the swing, watching the sun go down and feeling the breeze. It was a nice way to spend the evening, and a doable trip, no small thing with four. I’ve been pondering taking them to the beach on Friday but I keep getting stopped on how difficult even going to the bathroom would be with no other adult around. I do what I can. There are many skills to be learned on the playground.

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