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My baby is 6 weeks old today. He's growing quickly, and starting to smile and coo. We are getting into something closer to a routine. Not a total routine yet, but something. There's often a long nap in the morning when the house is quiet (shockingly, older siblings are not great at maintaining a library-like atmosphere). There are shorter naps in the afternoon… read more »

A day in the life

I’ve been trying to write in my journal regularly, partly because I want to record these early days of life for my son, and also because I’m trying to figure out new rhythms and routines. Big life changes always change routines, and a new baby counts as a big life change. I'm trying to figure out what habits I can maintain now, and what need to wait for later. Ye… read more »

Out of the house

The temperatures rose this weekend. On Sunday, the high was a balmy 44. So we loaded everyone up -- all 6 of us! -- and drove to Baltimore to meet our cousins and tour the National Aquarium. It went remarkably well. The baby slept most of both ways in the car. Indeed, the 3-year-old may have screamed more than the baby did. Since Baltimore was digging out from Satur… read more »

5 strategies for surviving survival mode

We made it through another week around here. The temperatures are in the single digits and the heater broke (it just got fixed - phew!). The baby is in peak fussy time (5 weeks). Everyone has colds. We had a snow day on Tuesday. My husband was traveling. It has dawned on me that I have another book coming out in 3.5 months. There have been low moments, like the epic 7-… read more »

Please join me for a Twitter chat

I'll be hosting a Twitter chat at 12:30 p.m. eastern today on a wide range of writing topics: making time to write, writing routines, writing fiction vs. non-fiction, and about my novel, The Cortlandt Boys. The hash tag is #CortlandtBoys, and my handle is @lvanderkam. Please join me! If you can't make it live, no worries. You can post a question or comment with… read more »