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Sonnet written upon finding that the ‘blank book’ I’d been saving for the right moment was really a 2013-2014 calendar

I thought this book was naught but blank white linesI thought I had as much time as I pleasedto fill its space with all of my designs --my words, my thoughts on what my fancy seized. Instead, tonight, I see it, pull it out.Was it a gift, forgotten on my shelf?Some tote bag swag, some cannot-live-without--it impulse buy I picked up for myself? Alas, the lines are cl… read more »

My own personal Turkey Trot

The Thanksgiving holiday started a wee bit early in my house. The 5- and 3-year-old were off of school Wednesday, and our nanny was driving to visit extended family several states away. My husband was on his way back from Europe and experiencing various travel and weather delays. So I was manning the fort solo. I got the 7-year-old on the bus and then tried to con… read more »

Holiday magic

I’ve been feeling “meh” today. I’ve reached that point of pregnancy where I’m tired of the whole thing. I am tired of being huge, of not being able to run anywhere near as fast and far as I’d like. I had a doctor’s appointment today and had to wait in the exam room for 30 minutes. That was long enough that I got caught in a rush hour traffic jam on the way… read more »

I crossed the NaNoWriMo finish line

In late April, 2010, I ran my first (and perhaps only) marathon. It was something I had wanted to do since becoming a runner about 5.5 years prior. You read enough running magazines and blogs and everyone talks about doing a marathon. So I figured I should do one too. I was also anticipating the launch of 168 Hours at that point, and thought it would be fun to talk ab… read more »

An atypical, yet typical, day in the life

Inspired by The SHU Box, I'm doing a day-in-the-life post. Today was not a typical day, in the sense that my 5- and 3-year-old had the day off from school. Our nanny usually starts work at noon on Tuesdays and Thursdays since she's taking a class those mornings. This works great when the 3-year-old has school from 9 to noon those days, but these schedules don't ov… read more »