Holiday magic

photo-239I’ve been feeling “meh” today. I’ve reached that point of pregnancy where I’m tired of the whole thing. I am tired of being huge, of not being able to run anywhere near as fast and far as I’d like. I had a doctor’s appointment today and had to wait in the exam room for 30 minutes. That was long enough that I got caught in a rush hour traffic jam on the way home and sat on the road for another 30 minutes. Work has not been terribly productive. I’m trying to get ahead on stuff since I know that both of my books (fiction and non-fiction) will land back in my lap next week. And yet in the post NaNoWriMo void I just don’t feel like starting anything.

So that’s my naval gazing. Then, of course, there are all sorts of real unpleasant things (as opposed to my not-actually-horrible-I-just-feel-like-complaining things) going on in the wider world. I spent a lot of time on Twitter last night watching the feed come in from Ferguson, which was all incredibly depressing.

Anyway, I grabbed dinner post doctor’s appointment and came home to the kids. They wanted to open our gingerbread house kit. I really didn’t feel like it. I didn’t have the energy for a project. But I let them talk me into it. And it was actually… fun. A lot of fun. We iced that thing up and stuck candy all over it and the kids were happy and singing Christmas carols in their off-key but enthusiastic way the whole time. It was a little bright spot in the past 24 hours. Holiday magic can do that.

In other news: I am fascinated by the stuff that comes out of my kids’ mouths. At lunch the other day, the 7-year-old mentioned, casually, “One thing about the Bible, there’s not much about cavemen.” So we got into a discussion about this, and then he said “So here’s a joke. They found some old bodies. Do you know how they knew they were Adam and Eve?” Me: No. Kid: “Because they didn’t have belly buttons.” Which is interesting, because in most of the paintings, these two characters do. Hmmm. 

8 thoughts on “Holiday magic

  1. I totally know what you mean about the “meh” feeling. I call it the third trimester blues!! For me, though, the “fourth trimester” with a newborn baby isn’t much better 🙂 Hate the lack of sleep aspect! So enjoy it while your body is still the one doing all the work of taking care of the baby! And feel good…

    1. @Rinna – we’ll see how this time goes, but I prefer the newborn stage to pregnancy. With a baby, I can hand him/her off to someone and at least get a short break. But when the kid’s in utero, it’s all on me…

      1. Good point. I find that especially if you’re nursing, though, it still ends up being disproportionately on Mom. To be honest, neither third trimester or newborn phase is my favourite. I start enjoying it a lot more 3 months postpartum

  2. I’m right there with you on the Meh portion of pregnancy. Except since I was already really slow to begin with (yay chronic pain/fatigue!) I’m now doing well to make it on a real walk with the dog. Real sleep hasn’t happened in months, either! So you, and every other pregnant mom with more than 1 kid who has managed to stay active, continue to impress me 🙂

    That’s a great point your 7yo made about belly buttons – the details they pick up!

    1. @Revanche – thanks! And yeah, I loved the belly button idea. If you were made not born, you wouldn’t have a belly button. Something is not right with the way this story is often depicted! My 5-year-old then pointed out that Jesus would have a belly button because he had a mom. These little theologians come up with some interesting stuff.

  3. My high risk OB office had an emergency triplet delivery during my last prenatal appointment. Being pregnant even in the third trimester doesn’t bother me but pumping for a preemie is the pits We like the make it bake it ornaments as a Christmas activity

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