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Moving the tiles around

There are no typical weeks. That’s what I always tell people who keep time logs for me. We move the tiles in the mosaics of our lives around in interesting ways, and atypical weeks can generate insights into our lives, too. This past week was atypical in that our nanny had jury duty. Given the particular case she was selected for, I’m grateful she was only gon… read more »

Wintry sunsets

After the epic Saturday nap I wrote about in my previous post, I went stomping around our yard in the snow. It was about 4:45-5:30 p.m. while I was out. The light was fading. The setting sun was fiery red and orange on the snow, and the shadows on the snow-covered evergreens gave the yard an ethereal beauty. I couldn’t capture it quite right on my iPhone, but here… read more »

Weekend naps, and why we sleep more than we think we do

In the field of time use, it’s one of the great questions. Everyone thinks Americans are increasingly sleep deprived. Giant surveys such as those done by the National Sleep Foundation often provide evidence of this. And yet the American Time Use Survey consistently shows that Americans -- even those who work and have young kids -- sleep 8-plus hours per da… read more »

How to embrace — and profit from — the quirks in your schedule

Part of making the most of your time is breaking free from traditional notions of when things should happen. If date night doesn’t work, you can try date breakfast. If you need to work 12 hours a day and don’t want to work from 5-8 p.m., you might be able to take that off and work from 8-11 p.m. instead. If you're training for a marathon and don't want to clog up yo… read more »

Help! I don’t have enough time to work!

A lot of people think they work too many hours. Others have a different problem: they have plenty of work to do, but not enough hours available to do it in. That's the problem facing one reader who wrote to me recently. She’s a self-employed single mother of a 10-year-old. He gets home at 3:30 p.m. from school. Some days he has sports, or therapy appointments fo… read more »