Wintry sunsets

photo-117After the epic Saturday nap I wrote about in my previous post, I went stomping around our yard in the snow. It was about 4:45-5:30 p.m. while I was out. The light was fading. The setting sun was fiery red and orange on the snow, and the shadows on the snow-covered evergreens gave the yard an ethereal beauty. I couldn’t capture it quite right on my iPhone, but here are a few pics of the powdery place. The kids lasted about 20 minutes. I’ve been instructing them on the proper use of a scarf: wrap it around your nose and mouth, and breathe out photo-119into the scarf to produce a little pocket of heat on your face. This is a skill that is not usually so necessary in this part of the woods, but when the temps have been hovering around 12 degrees in Philadelphia, it is. Waiting for the bus with my kid in the morning is brutal. But it’s pretty!

In other news: I’m over at Fast Company writing about 13 Things You’re Not Outsourcing (But Totally Should). Thanks for all the ideas!



4 thoughts on “Wintry sunsets

  1. I saw that Fast Company headline on my Facebook feed and thought “that sounds like something Laura would write about”. Ha! I didn’t realize you DID right it. 🙂

  2. Glad to see your embracing and including more naps in your lifestyle/schedule.
    Just need to morph that into your daily regimen.
    Or schedule 🙂

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