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My favorite memories from 2013

I’ve spent some time over my past few non-working, non-blogging days thinking about the ending year. It was a good one. Here are some of my favorite memories from the past 8760 hours. I went on my first roller coaster rides at Disney World in March. First it was Expedition Everest at Animal Kingdom, then the Rock n’ Roller Coaster starring Aerosmith at Disn… read more »

Please help me with the Mosaic Project!

Regular blog readers know that I'm working on a new time management book. Portfolio/Penguin will publish Mosaic in 2015. This book will be based on a large-scale time diary study of high-earning women who have children. What do the lives of women who "have it all" really look like? What can we all learn from how they spend their time? As part of this project, I'm… read more »

Mish-mash/Round-up: Holiday edition

I don't think I'll be blogging much over the next 10 days. The kids are off school, and we'll be going to New York, having some family over, and skiing. So here's a round-up of a few things on my mind: I want to start holiday shopping through the year. I don't particularly like shopping, though I like finding good gifts for people. The problem is that in trying to fin… read more »

The art of struggle

This week I visited one of the Mastery charter schools in Philadelphia as part of a project on teacher and principal quality I’m doing for the Philanthropy Roundtable. A few years ago, Philadelphia elected to turn over some of its worst performing schools to Mastery, a charter network. Mastery has been good about improving discipline and raising test sco… read more »

Looking to profile a few people who’ve kept New Year’s resolutions

Everyone loves to hate New Year's resolutions. The general line is that they are made to be broken. Yet people do succeed in adopting new and better habits in life, and there's no reason that can't happen in January. For me, there are a few good habits I've succeeded in keeping over the years. I've been trying to think through why they've stuck.  I'm pretty good… read more »