Please help me with the Mosaic Project!

Regular blog readers know that I’m working on a new time management book. Portfolio/Penguin will publish Mosaic in 2015. This book will be based on a large-scale time diary study of high-earning women who have children. What do the lives of women who “have it all” really look like? What can we all learn from how they spend their time?

As part of this project, I’m trying to collect as many time logs as possible from women who 1) earn over $100,000/year and 2) have at least one child under age 18 (i.e. still living at home). I ask people to keep track of 168 hours — one week — and to send me the log afterwards. I have a spreadsheet people can use, but people can also use their own time tracking apps or simple diaries.

I understand that it takes a bit of time to record time. I am happy to offer feedback on people’s time logs if anyone is interested in that (free coaching!) I am happy to interview people who want to be interviewed, and also to have logs be completely anonymous data points if people want that, too. I am also willing to barter my services doing time management workshops to organizations that can promise me a reasonable number of time logs from people who fit in this category. One option (something that I’ve done for a few groups now) is that the 15-20 people participating in a small workshop all keep time logs for me, and I come do a workshop that uses those logs as fodder.

Please email me if you’d like to participate, if you know someone who’d like to participate, or if you run a networking group/corporate education group that might want to participate. I’m at lvanderkam at yahoo dot com. Thanks so much, and I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday vacation and happy new year!

3 thoughts on “Please help me with the Mosaic Project!

  1. Suggest you add a Mail link option for those of us who want to share with specific individuals easily!

    Also, is this offer of yours for group coaching in return for 15+ logs for your Mosaic project good in South Florida? Would you travel? There is an excellent group, Womens Executive Leadership who holds business book club meetings and wonderful sessions who would love this opportunity I think.

    Their mission is to have put more women in C-Suite positions and for-profit boards.

    Love your books, 168 hours, and love your website and blog.

    A Fan!

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