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Satisficing, and the holiday party dress

My husband’s company has an annual holiday party. Every year around this time, I find myself remembering that I need some sort of festive cocktail party dress. So what do I do? More often than not, I wear the same one I wore the year before. But this year, as I am attending what I think is my 10th office holiday party with him -- and I realized I was going to pull out t… read more »

What happens when the weekend goes free form

The weather has definitely turned colder these last few weeks. Here in suburban Philadelphia, it also gets dark around 5 p.m. It’s tempting to hibernate indoors on weekends, particularly if we're coming off busy days, but this past Sunday afternoon was a reminder of what happens when we attempt that with a 6-year-old, 4-year-old, and 2-year-old. It cert… read more »

Round-up: Word counts, and 17 ways to use 5 minutes (other than email)

I officially stopped keeping a journal this year. I started writing in my journal in 7th grade -- close to daily -- and have chronicled a great many memories. But this year I just could not make myself write in it at night. I've realized why, though, looking at my word count for 2013. Let's say I wrote 3 times a week here. It's more than that, really, but if I estimate… read more »

Sources for stories: Recovering from a career mistake/setback

I'm working on a Fast Company piece on how to recover from a career mistake. I'd love to include some stories from people on mistakes they've made that they've managed to bounce back from. A small number of you may have read my first solo book, Grindhopping (I'm guessing most of you have not). It was about hopping out of the grind to (per the subtitle) "Build a rewa… read more »

The Great Decluttering of 2013, and the new home economics

On Sunday, while I was feeling sorry for myself about not running the Philadelphia half-marathon, my husband and mother-in-law took the kids out. They left at around 10 a.m. I started writing this blog post at 5 p.m., at which point they hadn't come back yet. Perhaps the most productive thing to do would have been work, but I didn’t feel like working. Bronchi… read more »