What I think about when I’m not running

I wanted to run the Philadelphia half-marathon today. I’d run my 10-mile training run. I’d picked up my shirt and bib on Friday, and at 10 p.m. last night, pinned my bib to my shirt. The weather looked to be perfect: just a little overcast but not rainy, a little breezy but not much wind, and — crazy for mid-November — it’s actually 65 degrees. It would have been an absolutely glorious run.

However, for the last week I’ve been battling a nasty cold. I had laryngitis in the middle of the week, and then the cold evolved, as it often does for me, into a wrenching cough. I felt pretty run-down yesterday at my nephew’s confirmation, and dragging 2 of my 3 kids through Costco. But I ran 1.5 miles on Friday and it was OK, so I thought I could still make it. Then, last night, I was up for 2 straight hours coughing. I coughed so much my abdominal muscles are in pain. I made a 2 a.m. decision to turn off the 5 a.m. alarm.

Needless to say, I’m feeling out of sorts and unhappy today. I’m sitting out on the back porch while the family is off at a museum. I’ve got my blanket and tea and, hacking as I am, I’m feeling like an invalid. It’s not my first half marathon, so I’m not feeling as disappointed as I could. I also know I’m capable of running one, because I have multiple times before. Still, it’s never fun to make a choice not to go through with something. Guess I’ll be hunting around for another race in a few months…

10 thoughts on “What I think about when I’m not running

  1. You are human, too. You do so much so well, it’s inspiring. Your optimistic/realistic outlook is terrific. Sharing news confirming that life is neither perfect nor easy makes news of your achievements more believable. Thank you for your honesty.

  2. it doesn’t make you a loser to practice self-care… pushing and pushing just to push isn’t winning…
    think how many women throughout — and today actually – would have killed to have a supportive husband and three kids, warm tea and the ability to rest … think how when a holocaust survivor came out of the camp one of their most pleasurable memories (perhaps one of only a few pleasurable) memories.. is to have had the control say to sit off somewhere and stare out into space… think of how few folks in history have had leisure time as you are speaking of today .. knowing your limits and when you need rest is part of being a great athlete and part of being a real human being…

  3. Oh, I’m sorry. I know you must have been disappointed, and I’m glad it sounds like you were able to rest and take some time for yourself. I hope you’re feeling better!

  4. Bummer!!!
    I was thinking about you yesterday as a bunch of my running friends from MI were doing the Philly full. Take care, and have fun with the new goal!

  5. The Ambler Area Running Club is hosting an awesome race in Feb called the Ambler Frostbite 5 Miler. We’d love to have a local “celebrity” run this race to promote the sheer fun of running.

    1. @janeh – that sounds fun! I’ll check it out! And perhaps I can finagle my way into a half marathon somewhere warm in February…

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