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Games and the perception of time

As a little kid, I had a lot of time to fill. Some of this was spent outside climbing trees, but eventually it gets dark or it rains or gets cold. Board games filled many hours of this time. I used to play Life by myself, altering the rules to make sure I got the high paid jobs (doctors and lawyers in the version I had) and to take into account my risk tolerance (low). The… read more »

Flextime: Who receives when they ask?

When it comes to flexible work arrangements, a lot of attention centers on the ask. What do managers react most positively to? Who is most likely to be granted flexible work arrangements? To figure this out, teams from the Yale School of Management, Harvard Business School, and the University of Texas tried out a number of different scenarios. Managers were… read more »

Paperback — out in a month! Plus thoughts on print

The countdown is on! The paperback version of What the Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast -- which bundles my 3 ebooks on time management, packaged with some time makeovers and tips -- will be out on August 27 (Amazon link here; B&N link here). I don’t know why the launch of a physical book somehow feels more real than the launch of the various eboo… read more »

Kids, sleep schedules, and work

Part of parenting is learning about your own kids -- and part is realizing what’s universal, and what’s more specific to individual families and children. I was thinking of this when someone recently posed a scenario about how a mother could combine a reasonable number of work hours with parenting. The woman in question (the story was secondhand) was di… read more »

Highlights for Children, 35 years ago

My mom’s been cleaning out some closets, and realized she’d held on to some old Highlights for Children from mine and my brothers’ childhoods. She brought a bag of them for my boys to look at. I was paging through the issue from December 15, 1978, and enjoyed reading a short profile of “Sally Ride: Scientist-Astronaut.” The piece was written by Moll… read more »