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What the most successful people do on the weekend

I'm taking a bit of time off this week. One of the benefits of writing about time management is that I'm more mindful of how I spend my time these days. That includes vacation time and weekend time. We put a fair amount of thought into how we spend our workdays, or at least we're usually accountable to someone for that time. Time off is more nebulous, and so we have a h… read more »

Random December Musings

This month has been a bit of a slog. But there is a clear path to everything being turned in by 5 p.m. tomorrow, people seem to be on the mend health-wise, the Christmas cards are (mostly) mailed, the presents are (mostly) bought and we have not yet run out of milk. So that's good. A few random links and ideas: Philanthropy magazine has a story from Kay Hymowitz on Pa… read more »

This is the way the world ends

The Mayans were quite an advanced civilization. They had agriculture, written language and, as we’ve been learning in story after story this week, a calendar. Mayan civilization itself ended hundreds of years ago, but the calendar ticked along until....December 21, 2012. Cue the scary music! A sizable proportion of the population, it seems, believes… read more »

Sheer volume of artistic output

We have a paper problem in our house. My 5-year-old loves to draw and write and make maps. He likes nothing better than to write and illustrate stories (often resembling the Magic Treehouse series). But this requires paper. Volumes of paper. The paper then gets strewn about the house. Paper covering the kitchen table, the kitchen island, the floor, the coffe… read more »

A somber weekend

The weekend of December 8-9 had been pretty busy for my household: a cookie-exchange party, my husband’s office party, joining our new church, and I went to a Christmas concert Sunday evening. That’s a lot of anchor events. It was also the weekend we were all in the process of getting sick with the stomach bug, so we ended it a bit wiped out.   This past week… read more »