Round-up: Mr. Money Mustache and me

I’m deep into deadlines right now, so just a few links.

First, Grumpy Rumblings of the Half-Tenured (aka NicoleandMaggie) wrote a post comparing and contrasting the popular Mr. Money Mustache and me. My ego was gratified by the 60+ comments. But it was also somewhat surreal to read those comments and see me held out as a “high-powered career woman” archetype (she types in her blue jeans) or as the contrast to the super-frugal Mr. Money Mustache. I guess I have more of an online persona than I think.

I wrote an article for Fortune on What’s behind career achievers’ love of marathons? For endurance sports, it doesn’t matter what side of the geek-jock divide you were on in high school. You don’t need the dexterity required for tennis or basketball. You just have to be able to persist and grind it out. Oh yeah, there’s battling one’s inevitable mortality too. Did I mention I was thinking of signing up for another half-marathon?

800 CEO Read named All the Money in the World to its shortlist of the best finance and economics books of 2012.

At CBS MoneyWatch I’m blogging about How to take a nap at work. I also produce a taxonomy of 5 personalities that wreck a meeting.

Wandering Scientist gives suggestions of toys for boys that don’t conform to gender stereotypes. This follows her popular post at Mommy Shorts from earlier this year on 10 toys to help princesses master math and science.


2 thoughts on “Round-up: Mr. Money Mustache and me

  1. I’m a high powered career woman and most of the work I do I’m not even wearing pants. (I do my best work in over-sized t-shirts that are too ratty for DH to wear anymore.) I only wear a business suit on teaching days and teaching is probably the least high-powered aspect of my career. Obviously we have different stereotypes!
    Ironically, you follow the “who me?” part with comments on how high achievers run marathons and accolades for your most recent book. You can wear a suit without being a high-powered career type, but if you achieve wide-ranging career success (through hard work and moxy)… you’re kind of a high-powered career type by definition.

  2. @Laura
    “How to take a nap at work” Bravo!
    Maybe you are, finally, getting your head wrapped around the nap idea 🙂

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