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The accidental pioneer woman

The last few days have been a bit challenging. We got hit by Hurricane/Superstorm Sandy and while I'm grateful that the house didn't sustain any serious damage, trees in this wooded area did as they are wont to do and fell on the power lines. We haven't had power since Monday. This meant no heat, no hot water and, as my 3-year-old discovered to his great dismay, al… read more »

Should election day be a national holiday?

Even with both parties bragging about their ground game, we will likely hit November 7 knowing at least one number: just 50-60% of the voting age population will have cast ballots. There are many reasons for this. For people in non-swing states, their presidential choice doesn’t matter. Others don’t know enough about the election to vote. Others know e… read more »

Round-up: Work rituals, politics

Ah, Friday. This week has seemed consumed by life maintenance stuff: getting estimates and repairs on the house, a pediatrician appointment, etc. Within the next few hours, however, I should have a functional washing machine, so that's good. Some links for the week, mine and others: At CBS MoneyWatch I'm blogging on how you should Upgrade Your Work Rituals… read more »

Lessons from a 90-minute nap

I wrote in my last post about trying some of the tips in Crystal Paine's book, 21 Days to a More Disciplined Life. Day 13 suggested reading 168 Hours, which seemed like it might not be so helpful for me (personally -- I hope it is for other people!). But I decided to reread my chapter on "Controlling your calendar" in advance of working on some workday productivity… read more »

The disciplined writing life

Those of you who have been around here for a while know that I don’t have particularly romantic notions of writing. It is a career like any other, and while it gives one what I find a more satisfactory output than, perhaps, auditing tax returns, that is my opinion. There are lots of ways to pay the bills. Writing -- crazily enough -- turns out to be one of them. I ha… read more »