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Dispatches From Vermont

I'm allegedly on vacation this week, and in fact have been enjoying myself and creating some memories, but this vacation has had some drama. We weathered Hurricane Irene in Philadelphia just fine (beyond a bit of wash out in the yard and a small leak). So we took off for vacation as planned on Sunday, which involved driving to Bar Harbor, ME over the next few days… read more »

Sewing, and things to do during that boring meeting

Over at BNET this week, I followed up on last week's musings on 22 Things To Do During That Boring Conference Call with two related posts: 19 Things To Do During That Boring Meeting, and Work From Home? What You Can Do During That Boring Conference Call. This theme of posts has been a bit more popular than I wish it was. It seems that many organizations persist in or… read more »

Second Chances

Date night always requires a bit of logistical work around here. Both of us have to put it on our calendars, then we arrange babysitting and only then do we get to the question of what we intend to do. Anyway, Michael and I had planned a fairly creative date night for last Friday. We've recently joined the Philadelphia Museum of Art. We took our kids to the Rembrand… read more »

Getting to Know You

On my previous post on "Kicking the Coupon Habit," Twin Mom noted in a comment that doing well in a networked economy requires actually having a network. So how does one build that up, particularly if you're not located in the epicenter of your industry? It's a good question, and certainly one I'm pondering now that I've left New York City. Yes, people in the wri… read more »

Kicking the Coupon Habit

I must admit, I'm somewhat intrigued by the extreme couponing subculture that seems to be blossoming these days. I was over at Money Saving Mom, reading a post called "Couponing: An Investment in Our Family" when I noticed that many of the comments were from irked people pointing out that the Sunday papers were all gone by the time they checked the news stands.… read more »