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Do Fathers Work Longer Hours?

Today's USA Today highlights a new report from the Families and Work Institute which claims that fathers with kids at home are more likely to work longer hours than other men. According to the USA Today piece, "These fathers work, on average, 47 hours a week, compared with 44 for men who either don't have children or don't live with them, or whose kids are older t… read more »

"To live as a poor man with lots of money"

I found a great quote the other day (attributed to Pablo Picasso, but who knows with the internet): "I'd like to live as a poor man with lots of money." What this gets at is the problem of the hedonic treadmill. As our standard of living improves, the story goes, we become less able to experience joy in small pleasures. It's not just a matter of multi-millionaires… read more »

The Fine Line Between Stuff and Experience

As part of doing my research for All The Money In The World, I've been reading a lot of studies on money and happiness. It is a truism of this literature that experiences make us happier than things. We anticipate experiences, and enjoy replaying them afterwards. Repeated happy experiences also have the upside in that they are always slightly different. Vari… read more »

Moving and Minimalism

This is my first blog post from my new home office here in the suburbs of Philly. The windows look out on the backyard, and since I haven't unpacked much, the desk is shockingly bare. I don't know how long that will last (my guess is not long at all) but it's a bit like trying on a different personality for a day. What if I were the kind of person who always had a spotless… read more »

On The Sidewalks Of New York

On September 2, 2002, I moved to New York City. I was 23 years old, and had no idea what I would be doing with myself. I simply knew that I'd always liked New York, always knew I'd like to try living there, and that it was a good city for a would-be writer. I didn't have a job, but I had a few freelancing leads. I had some savings, and I'd just signed a lease with a friend fro… read more »