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The $20 umbrella, and spending mindfully

It has been a dreary week here on the East Coast - raining just about every one of the past 168 hours. Yet somehow, I forgot to pack my umbrella when I took the train to Washington DC yesterday. I walked to my hotel from Union Station during a lull in the rain, but after getting situated and finishing up some work, I saw that it was really starting to come down. What to d… read more »

10/01/10: List of 100 Dreams Day

One of the great things about having your own blog is that you can designate holidays within your own micro-publishing empire whenever you like. So I am officially designating October 1 as List of 100 Dreams Day. If you've made it to Chapter 2 in 168 Hours, you know that the List of 100 Dreams is an exercise dreamed up by career coach Caroline Ceniza-Levine (who I… read more »

Theresa Daytner update

Writing 168 Hours, it was very important to me to use real people with their real names. Many self-help books are filled with morality tales of, say, "John" who wants to use his time better, follows the author's instructions and bam! Life is perfect. But, of course, life seldom works this way. I find it more interesting to see how people really deal with life's c… read more »

Bug parts in the Similac, and getting more efficient over time

There's a lot of literature out there on how to be more productive. It's full of tips and tricks, like making to-do lists, possibly while you're watching TV (per a recent post on Dumb Little Man). But over the years, I have found that the best productivity "trick" is to actually get better at what you do. That is, you recognize what kind of craft you are practicing… read more »

Happy 1st birthday, Sam!

One year ago today was apparently the busiest day in recent memory on NYU Hospital's labor and delivery floor, because my induction (scheduled as I was 41+ weeks with nothing happening) was pushed back twice. I was sent tromping back and forth to my doctor's office with my suitcase. Good times. But little Sam finally appeared around 10PM, so today my baby turn… read more »