10/01/10: List of 100 Dreams Day

One of the great things about having your own blog is that you can designate holidays within your own micro-publishing empire whenever you like. So I am officially designating October 1 as List of 100 Dreams Day.

If you’ve made it to Chapter 2 in 168 Hours, you know that the List of 100 Dreams is an exercise dreamed up by career coach Caroline Ceniza-Levine (who I actually got to meet in person at In Good Company a few weeks ago!) The idea is to create a completely unedited list of anything you might want to do or have in your life. These dreams can be as profound as winning a Nobel Prize, or as mundane as keeping some really good dark chocolate-covered caramels in the house.

Why should you make such a list? When people think of time management and productivity, they usually try to figure out ways to save time. But what are you saving your time for? What do you want to be doing during your 168 hours?

The List of 100 Dreams gives you some ideas. You don’t have to truly do them all, and some, once tried, may turn out not to turn your crank. But better to think about this question than go through life not knowing how you’d like to spend your time.

On October 1st (10/01/10) I will be sharing some items from my List of 100 Dreams. I invite you to join me here or on your own blogs — challenge yourself to come up with 10 and post in the comments here. This will be fun, I promise!


One thought on “10/01/10: List of 100 Dreams Day

  1. “But what are you saving your time for? What do you want to be doing during your 168 hours?”

    What a great concept, Laura! Just like with money, we save and save and save, but what are we saving for? You want to get to the end of your life with pretty much nothing in the bank but with TONS of experiences and memories that makes up a fulfilled and peaceful life.

    Everyone has their own list of dreams. Can’t wait to read some of yours on your List of 100 Dreams!

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