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Know what the next level looks like

There is a lot of randomness in the universe. Occasionally, people get ahead just by being in the right place at the right time. But in our competitive economy, I think it's a mistake to count on this sort of serendipity. While writing 168 Hours, I found that people who'd managed to take their careers to the next level in the middle of full personal lives had very c… read more »

Reflections on a Marathon

April 25 dawned chilly but clear in Big Sur, California. With the crack of a gun, I and a few thousand other folks started running north on Highway 1 for the 26.2 miles to Carmel. The vast majority of these people got there before I did. But, after 4 months of training, I did get there. I can’t say I had any great thoughts during the race. Mostly, I was just trying to… read more »

When Happy Hour Isn’t an Option… Or Is It?

A while ago, I read a piece in the Wall Street Journal called When Happy Hour Isn't An Option, Finding Time to Network. The author, Katherine Rosman, wrote that since she lived an hour from her job, she raced home just in time to get her kids to bed. But since she did this every night, she missed out on networking opportunities when her colleagues or people in her in… read more »

Need TP? Just Ask Alice

At a recent Real Simple event at Grand Central Terminal, I was handed a fascinating advertisement for a new business called Alice. This online retail/delivery service allows you to re-order household staples on a regular basis and have them delivered (free). Since Alice negotiates with various retailers and manufacturers, the prices are fairly compara… read more »

It's Not Your Last Supper

Today I was exchanging emails with Maureen Mackey over at The Fiscal Times about what we were going to order for a lunch meeting.  I was mulling all the options when I had a sudden thought: why am I spending time mulling these options? It's a good question. When I was growing up, my family did not go out to eat very often, so to some degree, I still see restaurant mea… read more »