Need TP? Just Ask Alice

At a recent Real Simple event at Grand Central Terminal, I was handed a fascinating advertisement for a new business called Alice. This online retail/delivery service allows you to re-order household staples on a regular basis and have them delivered (free). Since Alice negotiates with various retailers and manufacturers, the prices are fairly comparable to what they would be in store.

I have not tried Alice yet, though I intend to. I am my household’s “procurement manager,” which means that when we run out of toilet paper, it is my problem. We live one block away from a drug store, so it is not exactly a huge problem, but I am trying to automate as many of my non-core competency activities as possible. Time spent remembering we are out of dishwasher detergent or diapers is time not spent doing something else, so I’ll give it a whirl and report back.


One thought on “Need TP? Just Ask Alice

  1. My friend, John, uses the Alice app on his iPhone. He loves this service! I’m interested to know what you think.

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