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Dr. Phil and free time

So the Dr. Phil show today is going to feature recent research from John Robinson at the University of Maryland that claims moms have 30-40 hours of free time every week. Of course, the studio audience in the preview clip goes absolutely nuts when Dr. Phil suggests this. As they would. The widespread myth of the time crunch claims that moms have no time to breath… read more »

Adventures in School Lunch

Usually time and money are on opposite sides of a choice -- you can spend more to save time, or take extra time to do something yourself and save money. It's the rare daily choice that will actually save you both. But the National School Lunch Program is just such a rarity. In the August 2009 issue of Good Housekeeping, an article noted that the average cost of a hot… read more »

Run Like a Mother

I knew I was going to like Dimity McDowell and Sarah Bowen Shea’s new book, Run Like a Mother: How to Get Moving -- and Not Lose Your Family, Job, or Sanity, when I ordered it. I like any publication aimed at women athletes that doesn’t sport the cover line “Walk off the weight!” I am drawn to anything aimed at women that discusses calories in the context of… read more »

Not so sleepless in Seattle

(my column from today's USA Today -- some interesting comments over there. Is waking up at 7:30 on a weekday really late? I don't know - if you have to be at work at 9, that would be entirely reasonable. Even when I was commuting an hour to USA Today years ago I got up at 7:15, and was usually in bed by 11:30. If you're sleep deprived because you have to stay up for Letter… read more »

Real Simple and the Myth of the Time-Crunch

Let me start this blog post by saying that I love Real Simple magazine. I have been a subscriber for at least half of the 10 years the magazine has been in business. I probably would have been a subscriber longer, but I was basically too young to have a permanent address before about 2004. Like Cookie (a parenting magazine for the sophisticated set that alas, went… read more »