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The end of the billable hour?

The front page of the Wall Street Journal this morning has an article called "Billable Hour Under Attack." Apparently, many companies are using the recession as the impetus to push their outside counsel to bill flat fees rather than for each hour worked on a contract. I think this is a great idea. Time is an absolutely non-renewable resource. While you can alw… read more »

Dealing with a workaholic

Most of us with full-time jobs don't work nearly as much as we think we do. Very few people who claim to work 80, 90, or 100 hours a week actually log that kind of time. But in the course of asking people to record the 168 hours we all have each week for my book on time management, I did come across one woman who was, in fact, working 100 hours a week. We'll call her Dorothy… read more »

Finding time to exercise

As people are starting to turn in their time logs for the 168 Hours project, certain themes are coming up again and again. One recurring one? Finding time to exercise. A high proportion of us claim we have no time for this, but that isn't true. Even if you work 60 hours a week and sleep 8 hours a night, that would leave more than 50 hours for other things. The CDC spend… read more »

What does it cost to outsource household chores?

One of the most fascinating -- and I must say, often simply reflexive -- lines of feedback I've gotten about the concepts of 168 Hours is that outsourcing household chores is expensive, and therefore you have to be extraordinarily wealthy to get these things off your plate. Of course, having money makes outsourcing household chores easier, but often, peopl… read more »

Taming the meeting

One of the most universal -- and often wasteful -- features of corporate life is the weekly departmental meeting. This all-hands-on-deck meeting tends to take place in order to keep everyone in the loop, as it were, and often happens largely because it is Monday, or whatever day has been deemed the appropriate day for a weekly meeting. In its best form, this me… read more »