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WSJ: Overestimating Our Overworking

I had an essay in the Wall Street Journal on Friday on how we think we work more hours than we do. Overestimating Our Overworking by Laura Vanderkam Summer is here again. It heralds the return of barbecues, white pants, barbecue-stained white pants and, for many workers, that perk known as Summer Fridays: half-days that allow everyone to start the weekend ear… read more »

The time diary tune-up

When you start documenting how you spend your 168 hours, you'll notice things. Here's a quick change I made. I've long been interested in writing fiction, and  one way of getting better at a craft is to read, critically, how other people practice that craft. But when I documented my 168 hours the first time, I noticed that I was spending pretty much zero time re… read more »

How many hours do you work?

I am in the throes of writing 168 Hours right now, but I'm going to start loading up blog content as I go. First stop: an honest accounting of my working hours. Spend enough time around high-octane professionals, and you start hearing some fairly amazing numbers on hours worked per week. 70,80, 90... with each person making sure to top the last. If you say "50" --… read more »