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My 168 hours, right now

I kept a time log over the past week: April 20-April 26. Even though I’ve kept many time logs over the years, I find I always learn something new, and when life circumstances change, a time log can help me see what I’m doing well and what I’m not. The major thing I learned? I’m not working as much as I think I should be. I worked a little over 40 hours, but I had t… read more »

The fourth secret of happier parenting: Your kids aren’t you (thank goodness)

My baby is just over 3 months old. That means that he got his start in life almost exactly a year ago. I weighed him the other day and had the sudden thought that “Wow! My body has produced 15 lbs of human in a year!” He’s made up of raw material supplied by me (and one cell from my husband) but it is already clear that he is entirely his own person. He is just the mos… read more »

The third secret of happier parenting: Seize small moments

Last fall I wrote a post about figuring out which mornings I’d wait for the bus with my 7-year-old. I work at home, so I could do it. The problem is that the time (roughly 8:30-8:40 a.m.) was right in the middle of what is often a productive hour for me. So I did it on the two days per week we didn’t have childcare in the mornings (because everyone was at school) and… read more »

Secret of happier parenting 2: Let it go

If you spend much time on the internet, you’ll soon see that people feel very strongly about many aspects of parenting. Maybe it’s that using a microwave will damage your kids forever. Maybe it’s that school lunch is evil. Maybe it’s that using as little paid childcare as possible will win you a parent-of-the-year award (as opposed to just making you… read more »

The first secret of happier parenting: Give yourself breaks

Long time readers of this blog know that my husband travels a lot for work. I am not thrilled about this, but that is not the subject of this post. What is: how one can handle long stretches of time on solo parent duty while staying sane. This past weekend, we had one of my least favorite situations, which is that my husband had an early Monday morning meeting in Swit… read more »