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How to manage a full-time job, kids, and start a business too

I attended the Rock the World conference this past weekend, and got to meet a number of fascinating entrepreneurs. One of them was Emilia Prahin, who is the COO and marketing director of a company called Signature.Styled. This platform matches busy professionals with stylists who will help them shop for the right wardrobe; you can use the site to book your se… read more »

The rhythm of business travel

This fall I’m traveling more than usual to talk about I Know How She Does It and time management in general. Work travel adds a degree of complexity into family life, but the good news is that since I work for myself, I have control over when and how I do it. Some events are on certain days, but I can always decline an invitation. Or sometimes people are flexible on… read more »

The 4-year-old who was NOT a princess

Ok, she kind of is. But she had me read M. R. Nelson’s book, Petunia, the Girl Who Was NOT a Princess, to her class today for her birthday. This was my second time reading that book to that particular class. I reminded her that she’d selected it the last time, and perhaps she might want to spice things up a bit, but no. When my daughter wants something, it’s rea… read more »

Weekend life hacks

It was a very full weekend. I won’t say “busy” as I’m against that word. Also, there was still a fair amount of open space. However, we did wind up packing a lot in, and a few of my favorite strategies made that possible. Among them: Use car time. There was heavy traffic when I was driving home in the hurricane-related rain from the airpo… read more »

Make the trip

I was speaking in Grand Rapids, Michigan this week. I have family in the area, and so I elected to stay an extra night so I could see them. My parents came to meet me right after the second talk of the day, and we drove 90 miles up 131 to Cadillac, Michigan to see my 100-year-old grandmother. I should note that this longevity (doesn’t she look amazing?) is not a… read more »