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Friday miscellany: Parent-teacher-kid conferences, getting ready hacks, and it is still winter

If March comes in like a lion, it is supposed to go out like a lamb. Despite our officially crossing into the second half of the month at some point today, this has yet to happen around here. There is still snow on the ground. There is ice on all standing water. Indeed, my 10-day forecast has that ominous snowflake for three days next week, past the vernal equinox. S… read more »

Reliving and cementing memories, in little bits of time

Like many people, I take almost all my photos with my phone these days. The phone goes with me everywhere, which makes it quite convenient. Of course, the downside of the phone going everywhere is that I always risk losing it. I will admit that I am not as diligent about backing up photos as I should be. This weighs on me sometimes, but in the march of daily life, pre… read more »

Louisville and life

Note: this post talks about the death of a friend - just a heads up. Life is a mosaic, and Monday was one of those days that had all the pieces of it: the mundane, the fun, the profoundly sorrowful. There were little moments of gratitude for things that work. One of my children woke up with what was clearly pink-eye. As a veteran parent, I could easily diagnose this,… read more »

Podcast: Work/life balance with librarian Hannah Olsen

Part of the Best of Both Worlds podcast mission is to share stories and strategies from of lots of different women. How do people from all walks of life make work and life fit together? Sarah and I welcomed Hannah Olsen to the program this week. Olsen is a technical services librarian, a mom of two (7-year-old girl and a baby boy). Unlike Sarah and me, she's a true M… read more »

Weekend notes, early March edition

This was a fairly low-key weekend. The boys had the Cub Scout pinewood derby, and the 8-year-old had a baseball clinic (ahead of the team evaluations, which happen next week). This allowed us to have a discussion of the merits of practice. Him: "Mom, I don't think I'll be a pitcher because I'm not good at throwing the ball." Me: "Sweetie, no one is good or bad, the… read more »