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Faulty work/life narrative 3: It’s all on mom

Like many people, I’ve been shocked by the news of Dave Goldberg’s death late last week. It was an utterly senseless accident, and regardless of who the people in question were, the idea of a happy couple going off on vacation and the wife coming back as a widow with two young kids is just heart wrenching. Most readers of this blog know what we do of Goldberg fr… read more »

Faulty work/life narrative 2: Working moms don’t sleep (or get me time)

A little confession: I love my sleep. Love it. I don’t just love feeling focused and productive after a good rest (though that is nice). I love sleep for its own sake. I love that delicious feeling of sinking into dreamland, the way my brain pieces images together, and that lovely sense, on the best mornings, of drifting in and out of natural grogginess with no… read more »

Faulty work/life narrative 1: If you have a big job, you will never see your kids

Like any commonly-shared experience, parenting is prone to sentimentality. Sentimentality often leads to non-critical thinking. People spout lines that sound like hard-won truths but, upon closer examination, the “truth” part is debatable. This week, ahead of Mother’s Day, I’m examining a few of these faulty narratives. (Requisite self-p… read more »

Contest: What are some stories from your mother’s life that inspire you?

A few weeks ago I posted that my family and I were using StoryWorth. This is a service that asks designated relatives (generally the older ones) questions, shares their answers with a private email list, and keeps an archive. While there’s nothing about this that you couldn’t do on your own, the truth is that most people don’t. I’ve learned more about… read more »

Say yes to karaoke

I’m writing this on the train back to Philadelphia. New York was a blast. I had come to the American Society of Journalists and Authors conference to chat with other writers, and I most definitely did that. I also sang with them. This made last night a wee bit shorter than it probably should have been. I blame Katherine Lewis. She likes karaoke. Indeed, I heard… read more »