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The closet clean-out, and sundry updates

I spent a large quantity of time over the weekend trying on most of the clothes in my closet and figuring out what to donate, throw away, or keep. The upside is that I have chosen a few outfits for upcoming events, and my closet, though far from Instagram minimalist, feels lighter without this giant pile of stuff (pictured below — it’s off to the charity bin).… read more »

Eating well, or trying to

We all have skills we don't realize are skills until later. I love to travel, and while I don't have the ability to fall asleep in any place (oh, would that be useful on planes!) I have learned over the years that international travel is much easier if you can eat anything put in front of you. Who knows what the menu says? Who cares! I love food. It is not that I have a st… read more »

Nightscape date night, and a (final) update on the Summer Fun List

When my husband and I do date night, we have a tendency to do the same thing over and over (namely, go out to dinner). We both like to eat in nice restaurants, so that makes sense. But sometimes it's fun to do something different. Longwood Gardens (a botanical garden about 45 minutes from our house) has been running a nightly light show/art installation called… read more »

Guest post: 4 productivity hacks every college student needs this year

Laura's note: Know anyone headed back to school this fall? Here's a guest post from a college student on how to tune up your schedule and feel better about it too. By Dominic Vaiana As a college student, I dislike the phrase "time management." Time management implies that I'm obliged to find time for everything – to juggle a multitude of tasks and force space f… read more »

More links: Success podcast, plus come see me at the New York Public Library

I have spent seemingly my entire day on the phone with plumbers, people on various sides of an online financial transaction that will not go through, the dentist's office, a washing machine repair service, etc. On the plus side, I did give a speech this morning, and I went for a run, so the day hasn't been a total pit of energy-leaching personal to-dos. I want to s… read more »