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It’s food week here on the blog, and as I thought about it, I realized I am not just a consumer, procurer, and preparer of food. I am also a producer. I have spent close to 4 of the last 8 years nursing (and 36 months pregnant!). I’m not sure when else I’ll get to share my hard-won baby-feeding wisdom, so here it is. I think I did well with baby #1, considering the… read more »

Postpartum weight loss (round 4)

It’s food week here on the blog, and today I’m writing about my current relationship with the topic. I had a baby 10 weeks ago, and I’m trying to lose the baby weight. Well, sort of trying. Because the truth is that I have a lot of other stuff going on in my life. I am not willing to devote precious mental space to elaborate meal planning or a diet’s prescribe… read more »

It doesn’t have to be dinner

Family dinner has become a Big Thing in the cultural narrative. Various surveys purport to show that kids who eat dinner with their families regularly do better in school, are less likely to use drugs, etc. It makes sense, except there’s a little thing called correlation vs. causation. It turns out that families that sit down at a dinner table frequently of… read more »

The no-meal-planning guide to meals

One of my insights from writing I Know How She Does It was that being more organized about household chores does not always save you time. A few people spent big chunks of weekends meal planning, coupon clipping (!), grocery shopping, and then cooking in advance. Others did not. Everyone still ate, but people in the latter category had lower housework hour tal… read more »

Cheers for in-home date night

There comes a time, when you have 4 small children, when it feels like they completely take over your life. This weekend had elements of that. Saturday featured swim lessons in the morning, as it usually does. My husband takes the 3 big kids to the Y, leaving at 9:00 a.m. and returning around 11:30. This is kind of my “me time,” except that I’m caring for a 2-… read more »