Silent auction goodies, gratuitous flower photos, and a different approach to leisure

We no longer spend sun-up to sun-down milking cows, harvesting hay, and scrubbing our laundry on washboards. Studies show modern Americans — even parents — do have leisure time. But one reason we feel we don’t have leisure time is that it often comes in little chunks of “time confetti” in Brigid Schulte’s phrase — a few minutes sp… read more »

It’s tulip time!

A few years ago, I put “visit the Netherlands during tulip time” on my List of 100 Dreams. I am thrilled to say that I can now cross that off.
We spent the past week in the Netherlands, staying in a farm house about an hour outside of Amsterdam, and exploring the whole country. Traveling with small kids (6,4,2) is always challenging, let alone traveling inter… read more »

Sources for stories: Doing what you love, and making money doing it

We are having a wonderful time in the Netherlands, and I’ll do a full write-up of the week when we get back. In the meantime, I’m using a low-key day to get a little jump on next week.
I’m working on a Fast Company piece on career and earning advice from people who’ve found that “do what you love” doesn’t have to be a ba… read more »

Last call for Mosaic logs

I’ll be on vacation for the next week, and probably won’t be posting much here, but I promise I’ll be trying to come up with new and exciting things to say once I’m back!
In the meantime, this is the last Mosaic public service announcement for a while: If you’re still considering getting me a log, now is the time to do it. There is m… read more »

Drafts and process

I finally started cranking out the rough draft of Mosaic this week. I wanted to get a sense of the data before I started writing, and I think that was a good decision, as the material has been churning around in my head quite a bit lately. Consequently, at least parts of the book are easy to write. I’d set a target to be done with 3 chapters by now, and despite st… read more »