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What’s not working, what is

I started this blog post while sitting in my office on Sunday morning with the baby on the floor. I was waiting for an acceptable time to hand the baby over to my husband so I could go for a run. As it is, everyone wound up waking up and so the next hour was a flurry of breakfasts and such, and then finally I went out for a short jog. Life features a lot of these bits and spur… read more »


I’ve written a few times over the last 6 months about my postpartum weight loss progress. I hit my goal weight (125 lbs; I’m 5’5”) at the end of May/beginning of June. I’m really glad I got to that weight. We took family + newborn photos in late January, and I was 140 lbs then. I can see in these shots that I look quite a bit heavier. I was at 135-ish in late Ma… read more »

A (no childcare*) day in the life

This summer, I have a new childcare schedule. It involves slightly longer days M-Thurs, and then I cover Friday. Since my last “day in the life” post was about a day involving a lot of time away from the kids, I thought I’d share a day when I was mostly with them, or at least some of them. Last Friday had some serious highs and lows, as such days often do. The bab… read more »

Volunteering at School – Working Mother Sticky Situations Videos

Back in April, I recorded several videos with Working Mother magazine about “sticky situations” working parents face. I’m happy to be able to share them here over the next few weeks! Our second sticky situation looks at this common dilemma: Your kid asks you to volunteer at his school. “All the other moms do!” But you work. C… read more »

Navigating the transition back to work (or the virtue of not making huge decisions while sleep deprived)

I recently got an email from a reader I’ll call Danielle. She was reading I Know How She Does It, and reached out for advice about her situation. She’s the mom of a 4-month-old daughter, and she recently went back to work FT post mat-leave at her tech company job. She earns a good living, and so does her partner. The problem? The nanny she lined up didn’t work… read more »