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The overscheduled child?

I wrote much of this essay in the space of time before I brought my 8-year-old to swim practice. He swims on a competitive team and has practice three times per week. His team practices year-round, and he’s quite happy with it. We never have to cajole him to go. We (meaning me, my husband, and our nanny) just have to drive him. We drive to a fair number of things the… read more »

Finishing ahead of schedule

Distance running and long form writing can both be painful. They can also be fun. So I’m grateful, going into Thanksgiving week, that my two November projects in these categories were more in the latter category than the former. Both also took less time than I thought they would! I’d signed up for the Philadelphia Half-Marathon, which was Sunday, but aft… read more »

There were shift dresses, and bad selfies (Nordstrom Trunk write-up)

If you read I Know How She Does It, you may recall the tale of Vanessa Chan in Chapter 1. She kept her time log while she was a partner in a major consulting firm, and despite working about 60 hours that week (and visiting 3 different cities) she also managed to read A LOT of Little House on the Prairie to her two girls, do a family game night, go to the Lego movie, take he… read more »

Dashing to Penn Station

I had mixed feelings about moving out of NYC in 2011. I believe a lot of work can (and possibly should) be done remotely, but there is something to physical proximity too. Much of the media world is in NYC, and by removing myself from there I was going to reduce the likelihood of chance encounters. Broadly I think it was the right move. I love much about Pennsylvani… read more »

When the meetings pile up

When I tell people I write about time management and productivity, they often assume that I schedule something every minute of the day. This is not true. I may be a “J” in the Myers-Briggs taxonomy, but I love completely open work days when I can work on whatever I want, whenever I want. With NaNoWriMo I’ve been trying to engineer more of thos… read more »