When you need a weekend

Last week was kind of intense. I managed to complete a round of edits on the novel, write 2 articles plus my normal Fast Company posts, and hack through another revision of Their Own Sweet Time. I evaluated potential covers. I covered an unexpected childcare gap. I went to New York for meetings and a conference. That day was particularly fun because the little d… read more »

When does the parent-work get done?

We have another reader question! This concerns that category of task known as “mom work” or “dad work.” It is, broadly, household management, but with a specific parental twist: making doctor and dentist appointments; buying new pants for a rapidly-growing kid in the correct size (and getting rid of the old ones in some responsible fashion); sign… read more »

But does it save you time?

I have an iPhone, but I have never downloaded any apps for it. Perhaps this sounds strange, as I like to save time and the universe is full of time-saving apps. But I haven’t come up with many activities that I do frequently enough, and when I only have access to my phone, that it would be worth the mindshare for downloading them and keeping track of them.
For inst… read more »

Going solo, and the upsides of autonomy

My husband travels a lot for work. I’m used to weekday solo parenting, though then there’s the rhythm of school and regular childcare. He’s had a few Monday AM meetings in Asia that have involved leaving Saturday night, and plenty of AM meetings in Europe that have involved leaving earlier on Sunday than I am particularly happy about. But I usually don… read more »

Friday musings

Various thoughts and observations from this week:
I’m in the process of fact-checking and adding the “notes” section on Their Own Sweet Time. Fact-checking was one of my major duties during my year-long internship at USA Today after college, and in general, I am a careful writer. However, I’m still amazed how easy it is to get things wrong. I used the… read more »