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Not this again

Another week, another snowstorm. Another week of switching flights around. Another week of early dismissals and school cancelations. I was in Seattle/Tacoma giving a speech on Tuesday, and then my flight home to Philadelphia on Wednesday was canceled due to the snow. I wound up buying a ticket on a different airline connecting through Denver and then cros… read more »

Podcast: Making life work, with emergency medicine physician Swati Singh

I forget where it was, but I recently heard a woman remark "Well, you see, my husband's a doctor." The implication was that she needed to be fully responsible for everything on the home front, and she couldn't pursue any sort of demanding career because, well, her husband was a doctor. Wasn't it obvious that this is the way things should work? As you can imagine,… read more »

Learning to throw, and a tub’s last hurrah

This weekend was fairly low-key as these things go, which was fine. Friday night, my husband and I went out for dinner at our favorite local BYOB place. The children were building a leprechaun trap while we were at dinner, so we stopped at the local Acme afterwards to make sure the leprechauns had picked up supplies (candy), if you get my drift. I went to bed befor… read more »

Friday miscellany: Parent-teacher-kid conferences, getting ready hacks, and it is still winter

If March comes in like a lion, it is supposed to go out like a lamb. Despite our officially crossing into the second half of the month at some point today, this has yet to happen around here. There is still snow on the ground. There is ice on all standing water. Indeed, my 10-day forecast has that ominous snowflake for three days next week, past the vernal equinox. S… read more »

Reliving and cementing memories, in little bits of time

Like many people, I take almost all my photos with my phone these days. The phone goes with me everywhere, which makes it quite convenient. Of course, the downside of the phone going everywhere is that I always risk losing it. I will admit that I am not as diligent about backing up photos as I should be. This weighs on me sometimes, but in the march of daily life, pre… read more »