The accidental pioneer woman

The last few days have been a bit challenging. We got hit by Hurricane/Superstorm Sandy and while I'm grateful that the house didn't sustain any …Read More

Next year’s performance review

In my speeches on time management, I suggest an exercise to get people thinking about their medium-term goals. Many people get an end-of-year performance review. …Read More

My happiness toolkit

Many of you are readers of the Happiness Project blog (or books). Gretchen talks about creating a happiness toolkit: activities/strategies that you know boost your …Read More

Money and morality tales

Years ago, the authors of The Millionaire Next Door made a splash with what should be an obvious point: being a millionaire amounts to having …Read More

Scaling up me

I've been thinking a lot lately about what computers can do. I've also been thinking about a quote, paraphrased from Ambassador Frank Baxter (who now …Read More

Don’t keep it simple

I'm working my way through my advance copy of Gretchen Rubin's new book, Happier at Home. I'll have more to say about it when it's …Read More