Best of Both Worlds podcast: Packing like a pro, & travel Q&A

Are you taking any trips this summer? If so, you’ll want to check out this week’s episode of Best of Both Worlds!

Sarah and I talk all things travel planning, with a particular focus on packing. We share thoughts on carry-on vs. checking, our current luggage situations, our packing processes, and the merits of unpacking at the destination.

Then we pivot to a travel Q&A. Topics include international travel with highly selective eaters, ski school, and solo travel with young kids.

Please give the episode a listen! Are you traveling anywhere cool soon?

7 thoughts on “Best of Both Worlds podcast: Packing like a pro, & travel Q&A

  1. I loved the episode but I think you’re selling compression packing cubes short! The ones I have (Bagail compression packing cubes) were about the same price as other packing cubes but they zip down to compress the clothes. No vacuum or special equipment needed. They don’t defy the laws of physics, but they really do save space and keep things organized, which I have found particularly helpful when packing for multiple locations. I was able to pack a carry on for a 10 day/7 hotel trip in Europe with all sorts of outfits needed (walking tours, fancy dinners, religious services, hiking) and just had to watch the airline weight restriction because my clothes were so dense. Repurposing a cube mid-trip as a family laundry basket has been particularly useful for keeping the kid’s dirty socks away from…anything else.

    1. @Sarah S- duly noted! Yes, I guess the density variable would start coming into play – too dense and you risk the weight limit…

    1. @Elisa – not your fault at all. Anymore than kid #2’s pickled herring appetite is a sign I did anything right!

  2. Yes, I noticed that you, Ms. Laura Vanderkam and Dr. Sarah Hart-Unger, will travel for a variety of purposes, including business purposes. That is the main purpose that I travel.
    I also agree that packing just for myself is not quite the same as packing for someone else.

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