Best of Both Worlds podcast: Negotiating well with Kathryn Valentine

Life is a constant negotiation. But many of the traditional negotiation strategies can backfire when women try them. So what are we to do?

In this week’s episode of Best of Both Worlds, negotiation expert Kathryn Valentine of Worthmore Strategies shares tips for getting more of what you want. From open ended questions to asking what would make something an easy yes, this episode has tons of practical tips.

In the Q&A, Sarah and I discuss another negotiation: Getting kids to do chores when they have various other activities going on.

Please give the episode a listen! As always, we welcome ratings and reviews. Thanks for considering it.

One thought on “Best of Both Worlds podcast: Negotiating well with Kathryn Valentine

  1. Yes, Ms. Laura Vanderkam. I’ve listened to this whole episode that addresses ways to negotiate. I’m just wondering, though: There was a point where Ms. Kathryn Valentine mentioned that “The workplace was not built for us”. Do you think that she’s referring to “us” as all women or “us” as just working moms?
    I actually have reached out to her as well to see if she’ll reply.
    I think I’ll now discuss with you the 2 upcoming books in detail, Ms. Laura Vanderkam. Which I indicated in the comment section of the “Miscellany + sonnet” blog post on May 2, 2024. The 1st book, I think, is where you discuss time management and time abundance in general. I actually do consider it to work better for me if you are my accountability partner on the use of my time, Ms. Laura Vanderkam. Which platform do you think we can discuss things? Through emails, or on LinkedIn, or on Facebook, or somewhere else?

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