Best of Both Worlds podcast: Memory-keeping, Traditions, and Celebrations

Lots of folks find themselves saying “Where did the time go?” But when you have well-preserved memories, the past feels thick and rich — rather than something that has simply disappeared.

Today’s episode of the Best of Both Worlds podcast is about celebrating and preserving the moments that make up our lives. We talk about 5-year journals and photo books, time logs, regular journals, and other ways of keeping memories. We also talk about turning events into traditions to make memories stronger in the future.

In the Q&A we discuss how to make date nights more memorable as a listener asks for fresh ideas.

Please give the episode a listen! We welcome ratings and reviews — they really do help convince new listeners to give us a chance (and convince potential guests that we are worth the time). If you’d like to discuss these issues more in depth, please consider joining our Best of Both Worlds Patreon community. Listeners get access to monthly online meet-ups, plus a very active discussion forum. Lately we’ve been discussing going to concerts as a family, work + life integration vs. separation, and more. Membership is $9/month.

Best of Both Worlds is now a member of the iHeartMedia community, and you can listen to the podcast through that channel too.

3 thoughts on “Best of Both Worlds podcast: Memory-keeping, Traditions, and Celebrations

  1. I love compiling photo albums but I never get around to it. I realized now (after vanderkaming the problem) that the reason is that the supplies (I do the old fashioned ones where you have to glue them to the page) are not easily accessible. So when I have 20 minutes, I am too annoyed to get them out of the crammed cupboard. Today, I rearranged the cupboard so that now I have have to open a drawer and can (hopefully) start!

    1. @Maggie – love the idea of “vanderkaming” a problem 🙂 But yes, making things easy is the key to making them actually happen.

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