Best of Both Worlds podcast: The art of endings with Emily P. Freeman

When we start new things, we don’t always think about how they end. But mostly, things do end, and it’s often worth thinking about this so they end well, and intentionally where possible.

In today’s episode of Best of Both Worlds, I interview author Emily P. Freeman about the topic of endings. Her new book, How to Walk into a Room, looks at how to evaluate whether to stay or go in a situation. The book was informed by her experience of selling a business she’d helped build, and leaving a church that had been a big part of her life. We talk about ways to think about ending things, and how to keep life from feeling overwhelming in the in-between times.

In the Q&A, Sarah and I talk about recovering from recent injuries.

Please give the episode a listen! We appreciate ratings and reviews. Also, the Patreon community for Best of Both Worlds is going strong. Today, we’re meeting up at noon, eastern, to discuss all things style with a panel of personal stylists. If you’d like to join us, you can join the community before then (or you can watch the recording afterwards – there’s less time pressure for that!). Membership is $9/month. Hope to see you there!

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