Best of Both Worlds podcast: Getting to know LV/SHU — a “Fun Facts” episode

If you’ve ever had to share a “fun fact” about yourself as an ice-breaker, this episode of Best of Both Worlds is for you!

Sarah and I met up in person in Naples, Florida a few weeks ago and recorded several episodes. This week’s is a “getting to know you” episode where we answered a series of fun fact/ice breaker questions we found online. From physical characteristics (left-handedness and flexibility!) to Meyers-Briggs type to ideal super power, we share all sorts of random tidbits.

Please give the episode a listen! You can listen through any podcast player, including through iHeart’s channels.

7 thoughts on “Best of Both Worlds podcast: Getting to know LV/SHU — a “Fun Facts” episode

  1. I had the insides of both forearms tattooed within the last 2 yrs (im 55). One says Memento mori, Tempus fugit & has my late mom’s bday. The other has Memento Vivire & “Don’t squander time; that’s the stuff life is made of. ” I had them both done after she passed, a sort of therapy.

  2. That is great, Ms. Laura Vanderkam. But, somewhere halfway through this episode, while listening to some of these questions that you ask about yourself, I felt that if I keep on listening to you asking many of these questions will be like invading your privacy – or more like being abnormally obsessed with your privacy. So I stopped listening there.

  3. I, too, can touch my tongue to my nose! 🙂

    I got my first (and so far only, although I hope to get a second sometime in the next year) tattoo on my inside forearm about 5 years ago, in my late 40s. It’s a heart with one half made up of the gray ribbon for both Parkinson’s awareness and brain cancer awareness, in memory of my dad. I feel like it lets me carry a piece of him with me every day.

    1. @Amy- so sorry for your loss – yes, I’m hearing from people that commemorating a relative is often the impetus for a tattoo. I hope it helps you remember him.

    1. @Nicole – my husband ate a bowl of Lucky Charms this morning! I don’t think he even thinks that it’s a little…strange. But at least Cheerios are pretty bland…

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