Best of Both Worlds podcast: Plan your summer now

Yes, it’s February. Summer episodes of podcasts often come out in May, but lots of camp rosters fill up by March, and summer childcare can be a major pain point for many working parents. So it might be wise to think through the pieces of summer well ahead of the summer heat.

In this week’s episode of Best of Both Worlds, Sarah and I share strategies for planning summer, from booking childcare and camps and vacations to planning fun for you.

In the Q&A we tackle a question about the mental load/time cost of home ownership (I accidentally listed this as last week’s question…whoops!).

Please give the episode a listen and as always we welcome ratings and reviews.

4 thoughts on “Best of Both Worlds podcast: Plan your summer now

    1. @Kristen – that makes two of us! I booked another two weeks today… If there are 5 kids and 12 weeks, that’s 60 weeks to deal with – trying to figure out what the right proportion of booking should be…

  1. I just booked a romantic bed and breakfast for our wedding anniversary and am looking forward to that very much.
    I enjoy vacation planning more than the average person ( I think) so our dates and plane tickets were booked in January. It also makes it feel like the vacation is “free” when you have paid for your tickets etc 6 months before the actual trip.
    My two oldest are 16 and 18 so other than coming with us on our plane trips they are kind of on their own for vacation entertainment when we are at home. My youngest is 10 and I do still need to figure out how to occupy him for the summer weeks when I will be working.

    1. @SK – that sounds great! I don’t particularly like planning vacations – though I do like taking vacations…

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