Best Laid Plans…live!

I just got back from an excellent few days in Ft. Lauderdale participating in the Best Laid Plans Live retreat. My podcast co-host, Sarah Hart-Unger, helped about 20 of us plan our 2024.

We had a good time! It was fun to plan, of course, but also fun to just hang out with a great group of people. I even crossed an item off my “want to do” list — yoga on the beach! We did a 7-8 a.m. session during sunrise on Friday morning.

Now I need to organize some ideas and re-adjust to life at home. I got off the plane and I was like…oh…it’s cold now. But hey, I think I have at least two more Florida trips planned before spring…

3 thoughts on “Best Laid Plans…live!

  1. Well, that would be nice. I am not able to come to meet you in-person with you, Ms. Laura Vanderkam, or Dr. Sarah-Hart-Unger right now, but I’ll write a follow-up after I listened to this episode.

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