Best of Both Worlds podcast: Everything isn’t terrible with Dr. Kathleen Smith

The world can be an anxious place. We recorded this episode several weeks ago, but regardless of the current headlines there are always things in the larger world, and in our personal lives, that can make us feel on edge.

That said, we have to keep living our lives, and doing our jobs, and raising our kids. Enter Dr. Kathleen Smith, a therapist and the author of the aptly named book Everything Isn’t Terrible. In this week’s episode of Best of Both Worlds, she talks with Sarah about concrete suggestions for managing anxiety in a stressful environment.

Then, in the Q&A, we address a listener trying to decide between school options for her child — one that might work better now vs. a potentially better long term solution.

Please check out Everything Isn’t Terrible, give the episode a listen, and as always we appreciate ratings and reviews. Good reviews convince new listeners to give us a try. They also help convince potential guests that we are worth their time!

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