Want to discuss time-tracking? Come join the BOBW Patreon community

Thanks to everyone who participated in the September 2023 Time Tracking Challenge. I’m happy to answer questions about time tracking if you’d like to email me — laura at lauravanderkam dot com. I’m a little slower this week on responses as I’m traveling but I will respond to all of the time tracking emails as soon as I can.

In the meantime, if you’d like to discuss time tracking with a group of supportive people…please consider joining the Best of Both Worlds Patreon community! We have monthly Zoom gatherings to discuss a topic at the intersection of work and life. This month’s discussion will be about time tracking and time management, and will be Friday, September 22nd at noon, eastern.

Membership is $9/month, which also includes our active online discussion group. We have three or so discussion threads going per week, many of which get dozens of helpful comments and suggestions (I think the laundry one is at 40+ comments now…). So if you’re looking for a positive alternative to social media, I happen to think this is a good one.

Anyway, something to consider! Hope to see some new folks there.

2 thoughts on “Want to discuss time-tracking? Come join the BOBW Patreon community

  1. Very tempted! If one joins tomorrow, will one be a member right away and able to join the Zoom call or does it take a day to be added?

    1. @Maggie – it should be instantaneous. You join at Patreon and get access to the Patreon page, where the link for the Friday zoom is already posted in the forum (about three posts down and we will repost later today). Hope you’ll join us!

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