Best of Both Worlds podcast: Fall favorite things

For the past six years, Sarah and I have ended most episodes of Best of Both Worlds with a “love of the week.” In this week’s Fall Favorite Things episode, we simply expand the concept!

We start off with a discussion of my family’s recent trip to Norway (where the fall weather had already started in late August/early September). Then we talk about our fall favorite items and concepts in several categories, from food to fashion.

Please give the episode a listen, and as always we welcome ratings and reviews!

If you enjoy Best of Both Worlds, and you’d like to become part of a community around the show, please consider if you might like to join our Patreon community. We do monthly meet-ups by Zoom. The most recent covered time tracking, and next month will be a childcare workshop (what works best in which situations). We also have several discussion threads going per week on our community page. The most recent question — are your kids allowed to eat in your car? Quite the split on that one! Membership is $9/month. Hope to see you there.


3 thoughts on “Best of Both Worlds podcast: Fall favorite things

  1. Laura! Do you not keep a digital version of your signature!?!? Rarely, if ever, do I print out anything to sign it (even with the ease of scanning with my phone, which I agree is magical and life-changing). Nine times out of ten, I just open whatever document as a PDF, add the image of my signature, and send it on its way. (note that that is NOT docusign or any type of legal documents…these are things like permission slips for kids, forms for school, etc. I just have a saved .jpg of my actual signature and I pop it into documents as needed) Unless you actually need a paper copy, this saves the step of printing and signing if you’re going to email it along anyway!

    Also for ease, I keep an accessible folder called ‘headshots and signatures’ which contains nothing other than headshots of me and my boss and both our signatures. It’s handy to have both of ours for work (giving talks, returning COI forms, etc.) but having the folder right on my desktop is super helpful for all other forms as well!

  2. I second the digital signatures! So helpful.

    Fall is my favourite season – it never seems to last long enough because where I live (eastern Canada) fall can tip into winter VERY quickly. But while it lasts it is glorious. Beautiful foliage, crisp air…I love it.

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