Full moon, cool morning

According to my calendar (and a glance up at the night sky), yesterday was the full moon. I had taken the 8-year-old out to make a fire in the Solo stove, and after he lost interest I stayed outside for a few minutes looking up at the giant moon through a break in the trees. I had a little flight of fancy about whether the moon will ever become a bucket list travel destination for certain sorts of people (kind of like how some adventurous sorts want to scale Everest…) and whether that will happen in my lifetime. Who knows?

I wore a jacket because the temperatures have dipped. This morning when I got up to run it was 60 degrees. I know we have many warm days coming in August but this bit of crispness has me thinking about fall. September’s weekly structure has started appearing on my planning horizon — podcast episodes coming out Sept 5, 12, 19, 26, and various weekend plans for the weekend of the 9th/10th, etc. Fall always seems on the other side of something in late summer, and yet it is closer than the beginning of June.

But in the meantime, time to enjoy these last few weeks — full greenness of everything that in two months will be changing color.

In other news: My friend Stephanie Vozza started a new blog about putting more “wow” moments into her life in the wake of losing her husband earlier this year. You can read about her adventures here.

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