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I spent approximately 45 minutes writing and loading up a blog post this morning…in between running outside to check on a painting crew that started work…and something went wrong with the system. No problem, I think. It’s always there in drafts!

Except it wasn’t. The auto-save function wasn’t working either. Sigh. I guess you’ll just have to trust me that it was the most brilliant blog post ever. Since I don’t feel like reconstructing it, I’ll just make a few notes.

We picked strawberries this weekend. Well, really just me and my daughter. No one else was up for it, and the strawberries were kind of small and picked over. At least the farm stand was cute!

Two of my kids performed in a music recital — playing trumpet and alto sax. They did very well!

I hosted the choir party on Sunday. The chicken made it — slightly delayed, but it was all eaten. There was worry that I’d bought too much but we only had one bucket left at the end and my family dispatched with that for dinner. My 13-year-old grilled hot dogs too. The weather was perfect. I’m so glad that went off without major glitches.

We also spent a lot of time driving with the 16-year-old. We have the app to count each of his supervised drives and getting to 65 hours is definitely going to take some time (like, 65 hours…). Now that he’s a bit more comfortable on the roads (he’s driven to the grocery store and the pool supply store, and Starbucks) it should get easier as we’ll just have him drive anywhere we would have taken him or on various errands.

I’m kind of dragging into the end of the school year — but only 4-5 days to go depending on the kid. Summer will be busy too, but I guess in a different way. Ok, that’s enough for a blog post. Hopefully this one doesn’t disappear too…

4 thoughts on “This missing blog post

  1. Oh so frustrating when you lose stuff.

    13 more days for us and we are dragging. I’ve kind of given up on cooking since I got off kilter and haven’t done a meal plan (and there was a veggie box mishap). I wish my family was more amenable to cereal for dinner.

    I grew up in California’s ag core and miss farm stand peaches, berries, cherries, etc.

    1. @Coree – these last days always are rough. And I know the teachers aren’t really feeling like they can fully use them either! But I guess that’s always the case toward the end so it wouldn’t help to end sooner, then we’d be dragging that week…

  2. Also limping to the finish line. We have landscaping work getting done and the yard is a disaster and my husband is away and ALL. THE. THINGS seem to be happening this week. Oh well. Most of it’s fun.

    And wow – that is a lot of hours of driving. When I got my license you had to have your beginners for a certain length of time before you took your driving test and got a “full” license where I could drive solo, but there was zero hourly requirements in terms of driving time. I appreciate the “forced” practice, but that is a lot of driving time!

    1. @Elisabeth – it is a lot of time! But I guess it is good to practice. And now I’m realizing I will have to do this 5 times…

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