Best of Both Worlds podcast: Lateral moves and life management with Megan Stepaniak

At Best of Both Worlds, one of our missions is to talk about “how real women manage work and life.” Megan Stepaniak is a long-time BOBW listener and Patreon member who agreed to chat about she makes work and life fit together.

Megan has worked in several management-level positions within large companies over the years. In this week’s episode, she and Sarah discuss the benefits of exploring lateral career moves and general life management with three children.

Then, in the Q&A, Sarah and I discuss the other podcasts we’re currently enjoying. Please give the episode a listen! And please consider joining the Best of Both Worlds Patreon community. We have multiple discussion threads per week going on issues of work and life (we’ve recently talked workday respites, AI, and Mommy Days). We gather virtually, monthly, to talk about various topics live. Our next gathering will be in late June, and will be about our “5 year travel plans.” Membership is $9/month. We hope you’ll join us!

3 thoughts on “Best of Both Worlds podcast: Lateral moves and life management with Megan Stepaniak

  1. This was a great episode! I recently did a lateral career move and I have been thinking recently that I should have tried to go for a promotion instead… but this episode made me realize I definitely made the right choice because even though I’m not making a lot more money I do have a lot more opportunity. I love what she says about how it’s easier to negotiate for more money with a new job, definitely true. Very interesting interview, thank you!

    1. @Rachel – so glad you enjoyed it! I thought Megan had great advice, and it’s so true that compensation can stagnate when you stay in one place. It is unfortunate but it makes sense.

  2. Last December I was looking for a new role that allowed me to work remote in order to have more flexibility for family after we had our first baby in 2021. I was going to leave my company for a new role, with an accepted offer in hand, when a leader I had been working with created a new role for me. This was a lateral move, doing much of the same work but for a different team. I negotiated a remote role and even slightly better pay and I got to remain with the company, which I loved. It never hurts to look elsewhere but also don’t be afraid to talk to your leaders, more times than not, they want to make something work! Covid was sure a silver lining with remote work. I used to be in the office 5 days a week and now I work from the comfort of my home! Laura, I would love to hear in a podcast or blog post about the biggest pros/cons of working from home and how you typically structure your days.

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