Best of Both Worlds podcast: Getting outside with Amy Bushatz

Going outside is great. But what would it be like to get outside for 20 minutes every single day, for years, even when you live in Alaska?

In this week’s episode of Best of Both Worlds, I talk to Amy Bushatz, a journalist and podcaster, about her adventures getting out into nature (even in extreme sub-zero temperatures). She also talks about life as a military spouse, and how her family started going outside after her husband’s experience being deployed to Afghanistan. She talks about her career at and life raising two boys.

Please give the episode a listen! In the Q&A we answer a common question — how to cope if your spouse travels frequently for work. As always, we welcome ratings and reviews. You can also check out Amy’s podcast, Humans Outside, and her work here.

2 thoughts on “Best of Both Worlds podcast: Getting outside with Amy Bushatz

  1. I really enjoyed this episode – I listened to it yesterday during my lunch time walk to hit my 23 minutes outside for the day. 🙂 It’s inspiring that she’s done this for so long despite living in an area with brutal temperatures! Being a military family would be so challenging. My sister’s husband is in the military and she has really adapted well but it is HARD. Her husband has only had 1 deployment so far, but it was to the horn of Africa (forget where exactly he was). Luckily it was before they had kids but I know it was challenging to have him gone for so long, even pre-kids. She’s had to learn to be flexible and adaptable since life can change quickly and her husband travels a TON for his role.

    1. @Lisa – glad you enjoyed the episode! I re-listened to it yesterday in the car and I enjoyed it too – Amy is fun to talk to and listen to.

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