Best of Both Worlds podcast: Adventures and more with Rachana Shah

Sarah and I were thrilled that our longtime friend Rachana Shah agreed to come on Best of Both Worlds this week!

Rachana is a pediatric endocrinologist (like Sarah) and practices at a major children’s hospital. She was also the star of the Tranquility by Tuesday In Real Life video on Rule #6: One big adventure, one little adventure. During the pandemic, she and her family (husband and two tween/teen boys) began doing some serious camping. They also do the occasional weeknight adventures such as mini-golfing and the like.

In this episode she talks about lots of aspects of managing work and life: Deciding to stay in the city as her kids got older (she is a big fan of Abbott Elementary), managing a major renovation to their townhouse to accommodate their growing boys, how childcare works when your kids age out of camps and after care, fitting in exercise as a practicing physician, and so forth.

Please give the episode a listen! One of our missions with Best of Both Worlds is to present the stories of how “real women manage work and life.” We welcome suggestions, and if you feel you haven’t seen a particular profession or life situation presented, please let us know.

17 thoughts on “Best of Both Worlds podcast: Adventures and more with Rachana Shah

  1. Enjoyed listening to this while on my first outside run of 2023! I’ll admit camping is a HARD NO for me (I grew up camping but have zero desire to do it with my own kids!), but appreciate the reminder to keep fitting in a range of adventures into daily life.

    1. @Elisabeth – it doesn’t have to be camping! Though I hear glamping can be a fun way to do it 🙂

  2. We did camping where the tent was pre pitched and set up with air mattresses and it was great! We got to sleep outside, but didn’t have to do the hard stuff or own and store camping gear. And it was on the grounds of a historic house with a great restaurant, so we had a nice brunch.

    Last summer, my son and I used a den kit (Aldi’s finest) to pitch a little tent in the woods, read books, look at bugs, and eat snacks. It’s just about warm enough to do it this year.

    1. @Coree – both of these sound like a great way to get the upsides of camping…without many of the downsides!

  3. This was a fun episode! We really enjoyed our visit to Philadelphia so can see the appeal of urban living. And it’s great that they have a wonderful community school, too. We don’t live in downtown Minneapolis but live in a neighborhood of Minneapolis. Most of our coworkers have fled Minneapolis for the suburbs but we plan to stay here. Our schools are generally really good here, probably thanks to our high taxes. So we plan to send our kids to public school for K-12.

    We registered for camping stuff when we got married and then got pregnant right away so only camped once when I was about 14 weeks pregnant. We would like to camp with our kids in the future, but not until the toddler is potty trained!!

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