Best of Both Worlds Patreon meet-up this Thursday

About a year and a half ago, Sarah and I began a Patreon community for the Best of Both Worlds podcast. We have a thriving discussion board (usually 3-4 topics per week on work & life) and we have monthly online meet-ups.

The next one will be this Thursday, April 20, at noon eastern. We’ll be discussing the topic of friendship — how to make time for friends (and make friends) during the busy season and creative ways to stay close. During our last online meet-up I challenged everyone to try to do something fun with friends before the next meet-up, so we’ll see how everyone did!

If you’ve been thinking of checking out the Patreon community, please come join us! Membership is $9/month and you can quit at any time. But I think you’ll find it worthwhile. Members have had in-person meet-ups with others in their community and even made professional connections. You can sign up here.

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