March Patreon discussion — tough parenting moments

About 18 months ago, Sarah and I began a Best of Both Worlds Patreon community. The goal was a supportive space where listeners could share ideas and strategies about combining work and family, and about enjoying life in general.

We now have a thriving discussion board (generally 3-4 topics a week). A few of us have done meet-ups (I walked with two Patreon community members yesterday, and we have another member we hope will join us for the next one!). And we do monthly Zoom calls where we focus on a particular topic.

This month we’re going to be workshopping some “Tough parenting moments.” We have a series of situations (public tantrums; siblings doing wildly different in the same subject…) that we are going to brainstorm how we’d deal with them. These are all scenarios that we or listeners have experienced, but this format allows for us to keep some anonymity!

This next meet-up is March 23rd (this coming Thursday) at noon eastern. Please consider joining us! Membership in the Patreon community is $9/month. You’re welcome to join and then quit at any point but the vast majority of folks stick around because it really is a cool place to hang out!

2 thoughts on “March Patreon discussion — tough parenting moments

  1. I will affirm what a great community it is! I belong to other Patreon groups and this one is by far my favorite and most active. 🙂

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