Best of Both Worlds podcast: Work, life, running & more with Chelsea Myers

How can you combine work, parenting, and devotion to a passion? In this week’s episode of Best of Both Worlds, we get some strategies!

Chelsea Myers is a statistician, mother of three, and an avid distance runner living in central Florida. She is also a long-time Best of Both Worlds listener. She shares tips about making time for intense training (she recently qualified for the Boston Marathon), parenting challenges, logistics, and more.

In the Q&A, a listener writes in looking for help juggling work with multiple specialist appointments (for her kids). Sarah offers some perspective from the provider side on how to manage appointments when you are managing a lot of other things too.

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7 thoughts on “Best of Both Worlds podcast: Work, life, running & more with Chelsea Myers

  1. I have got to say I’m not a fan of the emphasis on running recently. The Featherstone episode and this one were too close together for me and I am somewhat tiring of hearing about marathons.

  2. I love episodes with the regular people! It is always fun to learn how they do life, and navigate schedules, works, careers and kids! Thanks for sharing a bit of your life with us, Chelsea!

  3. I’m way behind on BOBW. Just caught this episode and loved hearing Chelsea’s perspective. I especially loved hearing her pivot from journalism to statistics. Im always so impressed by people with that sort of right brain/left brain range. And my husband is also the kitchen so I laughed and glad you didn’t edit that part out.

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