Best of Both Worlds podcast: Travel tips – skiing, international travel, and more

Sarah and I just took reasonably adventurous trips with our big(ger) kids over Christmas break. So in this week’s episode of Best of Both Worlds, Sarah and I do a travel debrief. She shares her thoughts on skiing — they loved it so much they’re going back next year! — and I share my thoughts on traveling internationally with kids.

(Though, to be fair, London is a pretty easy destination for American travelers!)

From having everyone try on ALL their ski gear before going, to booking a hotel room for the night before you arrive in Europe (so you can go there when you land early in the AM and nap!) we share strategies that helped us.

What destinations are on your travel bucket list? Please let us know! And as always, we welcome ratings and reviews wherever you listen to podcasts.


10 thoughts on “Best of Both Worlds podcast: Travel tips – skiing, international travel, and more

  1. Hello! Great episode. Will you link to the travel agent you used for London? I’d love that resource. Thanks!

  2. I was inspired to travel after today’s episode. I’d love some more ideas/success stories for travel with an infant and toddler. Sometimes it feels easier not to go. Maybe a patreon discussion topic?

  3. I look forward to listening.

    Last time I traveled trans-Atlantic, which was pre-pandemic (2019), I realized that I don’t like red-eye flights, and trans-Atlantic is no different. I discovered that at least then, one could catch a daytime flight from NYC or DC to London, and did. This worked a lot better for me + hubby + middle schooler than the red-eye approach. We aren’t near those jumping off points and had to spend a night in NYC (both coming and going) but used the first one to do a little exploring of NYC, which was fun (our budget for this was modest, both time and $$$ — exploring was a bus ride to/from Queens/Brooklyn, and some wandering around + a sandwich shop in Brooklyn).

    The only possible catch (which didn’t create problems for us) is this required booking 2 separate flights — between home & NYC, and NYC & London. Had flights been delayed and we missed second flight, I don’t think the airlines would have helped with rebooking since it would have been “our fault.” That didn’t create problems for us, as noted, but in the contemporary flight setting is probably riskier.

    1. @Alexicographer – definitely worth considering – I know there is at least one day time flight – most people don’t take it in order to have the day at their destination, but you’re totally right that it might be more comfortable to just experience all nights in actual beds! If you live near a major international airport that could be an option.

  4. We took our 7-year-old to Vietnam for 2 weeks several years ago and it was an absolutely amazing holiday. Vietnam was very easy with him – great food and super friendly people. We were super keen to keep doing big adventures with him but obviously Covid scuppered that. Finally, we are heading to Japan for a couple of weeks for a family holiday this Easter so was good to listen to this travel podcast in anticipation.

    1. @Louise – please let me know how Japan goes! At least one of my children really really wants to go there, so it’s on the list in the next few years…My husband and I went to Vietnam in 2005 and loved it but have not gone with kids. That could be quite an adventure as well!

  5. I listened to this episode on our way back from our first ski trip of the season! I am a terrible skier but my kids love it and I want them to learn as kids so we are doing a lot of trips these days. I have a few comments.

    I also dress the kids in mostly landsend but I’ve added in some clearance items from Reima. I shop for ski clothes in the late spring and early summer sales so I am not buying anything in fall or winter.

    I had to laugh at the advice to take the day off before the trip to pack. My friend who is a doctor does the same thing. I’m a biglaw lawyer and always work like mad right before a vacation. For this trip, we had a 1:55 flight on Friday. I had an all day and evening conference an hour away the day before. I blocked off the morning on my calendar but ended up with unavoidable calls until noon. I picked up the kids from school and made it to the airport at 12:55. (It’s 10 minute away.) checked all the luggage curbside with the hazards on and went through security w the kids. My husband is a professor who taught class until 12:50. He caught an Uber and met us at 1:20. All was good then our flight was delayed by 2 hours. I plan for the craziness by packing in advance. All ski stuff was packed the weekend before and I made a list of every outstanding item which I got together on Thursday late at night after my conference.

    Since we live in California we do several short ski trips. We decided to do a season lease for kids skis this year. It’s a little cheaper and, more importantly, we don’t waste time on every trip renting skis. We are never going to arrive the day before while the shops are still open and I hate the long lines in the early morning that have repeatedly made us late to ski school.

    My other note is that we almost always do ski trips with friends. The kids love hanging out with friends after skiing and it’s a nice way for us to spend quality time with our friends too, as we are always very busy at home. i book our trips in late spring and early summer. Most of my friends are not such advance planners so I just book extra and cancellable space and then coordinate with friends in the fall. For example we are going to park city next month. Over the summer I booked a three bedroom hotel suite w kitchen to use with friends and a backup cancellable 1 bedroom Airbnb to use ourselves if we end up going ourselves. I also book cars when I book lodging.

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