Best of Both Worlds podcast: Q1 Mailbag episode

Sarah and I love listener questions! This week’s episode of the Best of Both Worlds podcast tackles a slew of them. Among other things, we discuss:

  • Stroller recommendations
  • Planning with partners
  • Parenting stages
  • Fitting fertility treatments into a work schedule, and when/whether to discuss them with a manager
  • Pumping and finishing notes
  • Time spent on the podcast
  • Spring fun ideas
  • Solving play date challenges

Please give the episode a listen! As always, we welcome ratings or reviews wherever you listen to podcasts. That helps new listeners discover us. And feel free to send in your questions (laura at lauravanderkam dot com will send them straight to me). We will aim to answer them in an upcoming episode!

4 thoughts on “Best of Both Worlds podcast: Q1 Mailbag episode

  1. I am a shill for the City Mini GT as a city/country stroller. The one hand steer and easy fold was crucial. We ditched the stroller at 3, but it’s just the one so the Tula toddler worked for travel, etc.

    But I find it so lifestyle dependent – we were on and off the bus, but also over cobbles and trails etc. I always preferred to baby wear but my husband and my dad (who was our awesome nanny for 6 months) preferred the stroller.

    1. @Coree– it is so lifestyle dependent – but oh my goodness cobblestones. That would not have been fun for anyone with my umbrella stroller! That would have involved some serious soul-searching to find something that would go on and off the bus easily but also handle ancient roads…

  2. Re the parenting stages, I’ve only been through infant/baby, toddler and preschool. But I would agree with SHU that toddler is the most challenging for me – by far. 4+ has been DELIGHTFUL so far, though! I didn’t have “easy” babies either – our youngest didn’t STTN until he was 1, and our 2nd child went from STTN around 8 months to being up 3-5 times/night from 9-13 months due to repeat ear infections. But I would still say that the toddler stage is harder than those stages because I was less challenged during their waking hours. Toddlers can be fun but oof, the strong emotions/inability to communicate is really hard.

    1. @Lisa – H is on the cusp of the preschool stage – just leaving toddler-dom and I can see it is getting easier in many ways. Even as he is still very challenging!

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