Wednesday musings

I am not hosting Thanksgiving this year, so I don’t need to worry about that. But the enormity of procuring presents for everyone is starting to sink in. I started making lists a while ago, and I’m thinking and visiting a few favorite places.

I also had the kids start making Christmas lists, which has resulted in some interesting discussions. My 7-year-old put “Mom’s Apple password on a piece of paper” as an entry on his list. This, of course, is so he can download the games/apps he wishes without asking me and make in-app purchases. I told him I was not going to give that to him. He said he was asking Santa, not me. I said I kept my passwords private so Santa would not be able to find it. He noted that Santa is watching while you are awake and thus would see me type the password.

Kids! Aren’t they amazing? It is quite possible he is trolling me. (Speaking of which…we just read Who’s That Knocking on Christmas Eve by Jan Brett — highly recommended if you like trolls and Scandinavian culture.)

Anyway, there’s more than a month to go so it will all be fine. Inevitably I will underbuy and then overbuy to compensate and someone will have a meltdown on Christmas morning about something but it will be a joyous holiday nonetheless. As long as Sassy the elf can find us.

In the meantime, I hope everyone who is celebrating Thanksgiving this weekend has a marvelous one. If you’re looking for a little viewing material to pass the time, please check out my Tranquility by Tuesday In Real Life videos. These are short time makeovers based on some of the TBT rules: Take one night for you; One big adventure, one little adventure; Plan on Fridays; Effortful before Effortless.

I have also recently been a guest on several podcasts. I was on Modern Wisdom with Chris Williamson, and on The Accidental Creative with Todd Henry. I was on the How to be Awesome at Your Job podcast late last month. And I was on Shine On – Kacey’s Health and Happiness show recently too. Please give them a listen!

I am also doing something a little new this week on Before Breakfast. I invited Joel and Matt from the How to Money podcast to share short financial tips. Those tips started airing today, and will go through Friday.

Photo: Presents, not from this year

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  1. I feel like I go nuts buying for 3 kids- I don’t envy you having 5 to buy for! But it is so fun to see their happy faces on Xmas morning so I guess you get even more joy.

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