Announcing the 2023 Best of Both Worlds Patreon curriculum

Sarah and I launched our Best of Both Worlds Patreon about a year ago to help build a community around our weekly podcast. We’ve had a lot of fun on our discussion boards (multiple posts per week = a great alternative to social media) and at our monthly virtual meet-ups.

Now that we’ve become a bit more comfortable with the process, we decided to create our 2023 “curriculum” in one fell swoop. Each month’s meet-up and many of the discussion posts will focus on one particular theme. Sound intriguing? Like any of these topics? Come join us! Membership is $9/month.

(By the way, December’s meet-up on 12/15 at noon, eastern, will feature Sarah’s annual goal-setting workshop. I can’t think of a better way to get excited about the new year.)

What we’ll be talking about in 2023:

January: Healthy 2023 — we’ll be talking ways to make our bodies feel better and to enjoy life more, with a promise that there will be zero diet advice/talk here.

February: We launch the Best of Both Worlds book club! Titles for the year are still to come, but we will discuss a new book quarterly. This will likely be a combination of non-fiction and fiction. We are taking requests!

March: Tough Parenting Moments — we’ve all been there, and in this discussion we’ll talk about tantrums, misbehavior, hard choices, and more.

April: Obsessions — good ones, that is! We’ll talk about how to cultivate seriously fun hobbies that add a lot to life, and we’ll share how we make time for our obsessions.

May: Book Club pick #2! Plus a look at summer reading in general.

June: Your 5 Year Travel Plan — we talk dream destinations and ones we plan to visit in the next few years. We’ll also cover travel tips for a variety of age kids (say, toddlers vs. older ones).

July: Beauty & Superficial Stuff — our “superficial things” episodes are always among our most downloaded. We’ll talk make-up, hair, Botox, and more.

August: Book Club pick #3!

September: Time Tracking Challenge — this special time-tracking challenge will let Patreon community members compare schedules and get feedback.

October: Childcare Workshop — We’ll talk through schedules (and budgets) for a few members and figure out what makes sense to support work ambitions and a full personal life.

November: Book Club pick #4! We’ll also talk through people’s favorite books from the year.

December: Goal Setting — Sarah leads our annual goal-setting workshop where we picture where we want to be in a year and create plans to make it happen.

In other news: Folks who read Tranquility by Tuesday might remember Elizabeth Morphis from chapter 5 (she is the professor who needed to carve out time for tenure seeking work — and who benefited from scheduling back-up slots). She just launched a podcast called The Literacy Teacher’s Life. This show aims to help educators and parents nurture enthusiastic young readers and writers. Please check it out!

As I share the news about Tranquility by Tuesday, I continue to be a guest on several amazing shows. Check out Food Heaven and I was mentioned as a favorite thing on Courtney Carver’s Soul + Wit.

I recently did an event helping Verily magazine celebrate their tenth anniversary. They’re returning to print form, and their tenth anniversary issue is currently on sale.

3 thoughts on “Announcing the 2023 Best of Both Worlds Patreon curriculum

  1. The curriculum approach is really interesting! I’ve got to get in the habit of blocking time on my work calendar for these. Looking forward to next month!

  2. I would be very interested to hear an BobW episode with someone who has to actively manage their health. I feel like your time management tips work well as long as one is 100 % fit but I wonder how someone would apply them who has to e.g. go to regular treatments while working and raising a family.

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