Best of Both Worlds Podcast: You are a good parent with Carla Naumburg

I promised some non-TBT content around here soon!…This week Sarah and I were delighted to welcome clinical social worker Carla Naumburg to the podcast.

Carla is the author of the famed book How to Stop Losing Your Stuff With Your Kids (not its actual title, but BOBW wants to keep its “clean” rating) and the new book You Are Not A Bad Parent — that is not its actual title either, but you get the drift! She and Sarah talk about how we can treat ourselves and our kids with more compassion, interrupting cycles that heap shame on top of the normal reality of bad stuff happening. Instead we can get curious, and tap into our connections to feel less alone.

In the intro we talk about what makes us feel like “bad” parents and then in the Q&A we address a question from a listener who worries how a newborn will affect her planning routines. Please give the episode a listen, and please check out Carla’s books!

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